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Myth Busted: 3 facts about 'free' solar
  • Your household income must be under £27,500
  • Your home must have a EPC rating of D or less
  • You must qualify for ECO4 benefits
Whilst your solar system may not be free, we're here to help bring the costs down.


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* Earnings and savings are dependent but not limited to - size of system, orientation and current utility bills. Find out more

Savings on price focused ads taken from - "If you are at home for most of the day and can use all the solar panel generated energy then you could reduce your energy bill by £952 per year, 2800 x £0.34, making the payback period just under six years." -,contribute%20to%20a%20sustainable%20future.&text=The%20benefits%20of%20solar%20panels%20are%20numerous

Solar costs just 10p/kWh compared to 64p/kWh from the grid -,It%20pays%20to%20go%20solar,increase%20as%20grid%20costs%20rise

"The estimated annual electricity bill for a medium-sized household (for a 3-bedroom house) in the UK is around £1,156.27"

"Research from Admiral Money recently found solar panels can boost a property’s value by as much as 25%"